How to Maintain a Presentable Online Photo Album to Keep Memories Safe

Creating an online album adds a new way of sharing photos with family and friends.

No matter how far your viewers may be, they can instantly sign in and view your photographs.

Upon capturing an image, it is quite easy to create online albums and share your photos.

Online Photo Albums Provides great features

Most online publishing sites provide creative tools to decorate your albums. Using these tools you can design albums and impress your viewers. With an online album you can do more like giving personalized gifts, organize and store your images. By uploading your images to a publishing site you also created an alternative backup location other than your computer or your camera.

Before creating an online album and start sharing images it is a good idea to look for certain features of online publishing sites.

No Advertising Policy
We care about our photographs and only want to share with style. No one really wants to see a pop up or advertising alongside images. So before uploading, it is good idea to find a site that offers Spam Free photo sharing. This way your images will not be decorated by “logos” or “big brand names”.

Design Tools
The key to impress your viewers is how you presented your albums.

Large selection of design tools and personalization features will add to your creativity. Easy to use templates and different layouts is a good start for stylish albums.

Basic Features

Digital photo sharing must also provide certain basic futures. Unlimited Storage and allowing high resolution downloads/uploads are among such basic features. Look for sharing sites that provides large storage and no limit to upload or download images.

Extra Features
In case you want to create a personalized gift or print your images you will want to order professional quality prints. Offering high resolution, professional printing service is a nice extra feature.

Here is a check list before uploading images to the web:

  • Large Selection of Customizable Designs
  • Easy to Use Templates and Layouts
  • Privacy features with secure Public Settings
  • Decorate Your Album With No Ads
  • Able to Order High Resolution Prints
  • Spam Free photo sharing
  • Store and Share Unlimited Photos
  • Tutorials and tips

3 Ways to Make Your Presentation Interesting

In our daily work, a presentation in front of colleagues, business partners, bosses and even potential customers is a matter of course we face everyday. Often times when we deliver our presentation in front of lots of people, we get stuck, confused what to say and can not make our presentations interesting people to follow him.

If your problem together with the usual common problem faced by almost all presenters so in this article I try to give some tips that proved to be successful making your presentation so interesting and liquid.

First is that you should make sure and understand very well that the main star in your own self-presentation is not a collection of your power point slides. Since you are the main focus then you have to really prepare for the best performance you can do. Wear appropriate clothing, polite and harmonious. Use a perfume that does not sting fragrances smell. Check your sound first, if clearly audible enough? No buzzing because of the flu and so forth.

Second is to always give you sincere smile to the audience. Greeted with polite and friendly at the beginning of your presentation. Try to stay calm, liquid and friendly. With a sincere smile will make you more trustworthy and closer to your listener.

Third, try to input elements of humor in your presentation. Usually I always show pictures or videos that funny at the beginning of my presentation. That way it can make a more fluid atmosphere, friendly and attract attention. It should be understood, the listener will usually focus on the first 18 minutes we talked. After that, their focus began to slack off for many reasons. Your task is the focus of their effort to stay awake until the end of your presentation.

Think creatively in every opportunity presentation. Remember, your task is to attract the attention of listeners so that they will continue to wake up and understand your presentation.

With the more you practice the presentation with the steps I have to say above; therefore, not too long your presentation will get better, nice and entertaining.

Just keep practicing!

Communication and Presentations Skill Training for New Employees

If you are just starting a new job, it can be a daunting task to give presentations. After all, everyone is watching your every move and they almost always have over the top high expectations. The last thing you want to do is mess up your production, let alone give them the wrong impression. Luckily there are many different ways for new employees to learn business etiquette.

The main goal for any company is to make their employees comfortable in their surroundings. Therefore, any intelligent leader will know that presentation training is a must. We all desperately try to avoid it, for it is not only intimidating, but an assignment that will keep us up at night with fear. Luckily, presentations skill training is a great way to help new employees settle in.

The first thing a communication training program does is teach employees the necessary skills. It is essential that a presenter connects with the audience, and shows them exactly the message they are trying to get across. Without that connection, most staff members will feel disconnected and bored. The number one goal is to get them into your world. If you are passionate and interested in the topic, chances are they will be right there with you.

The majority of presentation training courses tend to also focus on body language and what to avoid. While most employees try to hide behind presentations, these courses tell you not to. It is vital that you do not let a PowerPoint slide do the talking. These slides are merely there to back you up. After all, you are the presenter and know the subject. These people are there to listen to you, not stare at a screen all day. It is also important to keep the presentation as brief as possible. For instance, if you are trying to give a four hour slide presentation, chances are the staff will be asleep by the second hour. By giving them an interesting shorter presentation, they will be yearning for more. This way you will have their attention the entire way through.

Other business etiquette includes practice! Without a great amount of experience backing you up, giving presentations can seem like you are a deer in headlights. Presentation skills training will show you that practicing will only benefit you in the long run. The first thing you want to do is find as many opportunities to present. While this seems intimidating, it will increase your confidence and your experience. Once you have done this, it is imperative to get feedback. This can help you immensely, as people will tell you what flaws you need to fix. It will also boost your confidence if you know your strong points. Another great way to get feedback is to video tape yourself. This way you can watch your every move, and know what you have to fix.

No matter what type of new employee you are, communication training is key. A great presentation could mean generating more clients and even greater revenue. If you have a sloppy production, it may result in a lot of bad publicity. Therefore, it is important that you take presentation training seriously. If you follow the above tips, you will surely be on your way to success.