Turquoise Jewellery: The Ultimate Present for a December Birthday

The birth stone of December is turquoise, a show-stopping azure precious stone that’s been capturing eyes and hearts for milliennia. Wearing the birthstone associated with your birthday is thought to give good luck and protection, and what better way to wear it than in an exquisite turquoise necklace or bracelet, hand crafted and finished in Sterling silver or 9ct gold.

Turquoise is made from hydrated copper aluminium phosphate and it is found in igneous rocks which are rich in aluminium. Literally translated it means “Turkish”, a nod to its past when Levantine traders imported the jewel into Europe via Turkey. Turquoise is one of the few opaque gem stones, giving it a distinctive deep-pigmented colour which can vary from green to sky blue depending on its make-up, with or without black veins running through the stone called its matrix. Bright blue is the most sought-after type of the stone, an on-trend colour in fashion and jewellery. Turquoise and blue topaz are the birthstones of December, and Turquoise is also the traditional gem stone for people celebrating their 6th or 11th wedding anniversaries.

Turquoise was one of the first semi-precious stones to be excavated, mainly in the Sinai region of Egypt, Iran, and the south west United States and Mexico. Having been mined since as long ago as 3,000 BC, understandably resources of the mineral is running low. This has led to replica gemstones becoming prevalent in jewellery in the modern day, and a higher worth placed on real turquoise.

Turquoise offers a historical past rivalled by no other gem stone. The mummy of Queen Zer, the ancient Eqyptian monarch, was found decorated in vivid turquoise bracelets when she was discovered in nineteen hundred. She had chosen the precious stone to wear for 7,500 years. And picture the famous gold death mask of Tutankhamen: it too is embedded with precious turquoise stones.

The reason behind its historical significance is that turquoise has been highly valued by a lot of ancient civilisation who thought that it possessed powerful metaphysical properties. Around Asia the gem was believed to protect from the evil eye, and the Aztecs reserved the stone for the Gods in religious masks. In the 16th century American Indians thought that turquoise embodied the spirits of the ocean and sky, using it as both a form of exchange and also to bring fortune and protection to fighters and hunters. Even today turquoise is seen as having protective properties. In modern gemstone therapy it is believed to boost self-confidence and relieve depression, stomach problems, viral infections and rheumatism. If presented as a gift turquoise is perceived as a sign of friendship.

Whether you believe in these legends or not, it’s hard not to see the beauty which this show-stopping stone has.

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Different Video Presentation Purposes

Most people are said to be visual learners. They are more likely to respond positively to a show-me-how than to a tell-me-how information. Web applications that promote interactive communication between producers and consumers are popular these days. Videos that showcase their product in these sites make it more interesting to view for most.

Videos leave lasting image imprints on the mind. Imagine if someone tells you about a product, it might take more effort for you to imagine it whereby a video presentation makes this easier for you to imagine. A celebrity endorsing a product in a video has more impact to potential consumers than just reading about his endorsement on print.

Making your product information accessible is an important part of customer service. Companies that are able to do so are considered reliable. Creating videos to relay information about your product to consumers add interest to your marketing strategies. Technology is more accessible to help you create your videos these days.

More softwares are available to help you come up with a video presentation for your business. These help lower the cost of video production making it more easier to utilize by even start-up companies trying to create their niche in the market.

One video can be used to target different markets. Video dubbing into another language may help you reach foreign markets effectively. Taking advantage of social sites can help you direct your videos to specific consumer groups.

It creates more impact to introduce your business in a video to potential clients than merely telling them about it. If you want to show them how big your company is, a video presentation of your company logistics can help you back up your claim. Allowing customers to know more about your company through your web address is important also.

Remember how effective that moving bunny toy with the slogan “Keeps Going On and On” for a certain brand of batteries has been? People tend to associate lasting energy with that brand and it has become a household choice over the years. Effective taglines generate instant recall.

If you want to leave a lasting impression about your business to consumers, use video presentations. It might be just what your business needs.

How To Negotiate Better With The Devil And Win

Negotiating with anyone that’s tough can be bedeviling. If you’re bedeviled when negotiating against tough negotiators (hard nose), inconsistent negotiators (say one thing and do another), and/or with those with whom you’re very close to (friends, associates), you can have a devil of a time negotiating with such people and still win.

The following are tips, tactics, and techniques you can use when negotiating in situations that can be devilish.


When negotiating with friends, the negotiation can be deviling because you may not want to risk the friendship due to a hard negotiation. This in turn can cause you to acquiesce to requests that you otherwise wouldn’t commit to.

Negotiation Tip: When negotiating with friends, close associates, or those that you place more value on the relationship versus the outcome of the negotiation, set the groundwork for the negotiation ahead of time. This is something that you’d normally do when framing the negotiation (setting the agenda as to what will be discussed). With people that fall into the categories mentioned, take extra care in framing the negotiation by informing your friend or associate that you really don’t want to get into a give and take, because you place more value in the relationship. Thus, you don’t want harm to befall it. You can also jokingly say, “… and I don’t want you to take advantage of me, either”. With the negotiation stage set from that perspective, both of you should be able to negotiate amicably and do so while preserving the relationship. By framing the negotiation from this perspective, you will have taken the potential devil out of the negotiation.


I’ll discuss two tactics that you can employ when negotiating with someone that bedevils you. One is mirroring, the other is appearing to be led while leading, or leading from behind. These two tactics are closely tied to one another.

You employ the mirroring, or leading from behind tactic by mimicking the requests, actions, and tactics of the other negotiator. If he’s being devilish in the negotiation, he’ll quickly recognize that you’re replicating his actions. This will have one of two effects on him. One, he’ll realize that he’s in for a very long negotiation that might be a waste of his time, as long as he maintains his negotiation tactic. Two, he’ll recognize the devil in you and change his tactics. In either case, you will have altered his perspective, which will be to your advantage.


When negotiating with someone that employs tough (I win, you lose) techniques, play hard ball (don’t give anything unless you get something of value). With this type of personality, if you display weakness, more than likely you’ll be treated like a lamb and be led to slaughter.

While the negotiation may be daunting, if the purpose of the negotiation is worth the effort, stay engaged. Watch the time you invest in the negotiation. The more time you invest, the more you’re likely to stay engaged for the conclusion of the negotiation. Doing so could cause you to make concessions that are not beneficial to your position.

You may not be able to turn all of your bedeviling negotiations into angels, but by adopting the suggestions above, you can make your negotiations more heavenly… and everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!